*A little bit about me*

 //I have a crazy little Boston Terrier called Mashi who we affectionately call ‘Pig Frog’, ‘cause he sounds like a pig and looks like a frog.// I was born in England but have pretty much lived in SA my whole life.// I love traveling and have been to over 16 different countries.// The thing that inspires my designing most would be colour...I love colour.// My greatest weakness is spelling! Eish!// My party trick is touching my nose with my tongue.// I am a painful perfectionist.// I was named after a perfume...people’s inability to spell my name correctly drives me mad...I’m convinced my poorly spelled name is the sole cause of my useless spelling ability...thanks, Mom.// In my free time...who am I kidding, what free time?// I love photography, MAC make-up and blogging.// I can paint the finger nails on my left hand just as well as I can paint them on my right hand...apparently this is a rare talent.//

Corporate, commercial & creative design